Born in the South of France I started photography in my 20’s being  very influence by the luminosity that exist in this part of the world.

Later I moved  to New York City where I went  to school of Visual Arts, and was immediately 

selected to become the primary photographer’s assistant.

I worked for studios that specialized in photographing  portraits and fashion.

Moving up to be the main photographer.


In 1998 I created Fotoluz . A design company combining  light and photography.

Fotoluz has been published in numerous magazine and shown in many galleries.

It is available through the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.


Since I have been in Los Angeles I have been very fortunate to work with clients in many different fields, allowing me to be creative with my personal vision.

My work extends from  Weddings, events, portraits, products and interiors.

Photography is a passion that has become a part of me.



Luxe Magazine 

California Home Magazine

 New Beauty Magazine

 Blommingdale’s New York

Macy’s New York  



Blue Note Jazz Club

 Hotel Europa , Montreal 

Toto Los Angeles

PDC Los Angeles

ICAA Los Angeles

Summit furniture

David Sutherland

Mass Beverly



Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

Gallery of Functional Arts, Los Angeles

Brooklyn Museum of Art ,New York City

Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts

CBGB Gallery, New York City